Then why must I blog?  All kidding aside, I am settling in to writing a blog.  I don’t know yet whether it will be daily, weekly, monthly or just this one blog and then I forget about it until next year.  I am sure tons of people are writing new blogs as a New  Year’s resolution.  I am not, however.

I am not great at writing, but I want to get my name out there in the photography forum to help people learn more about photography.  If you don’t know me, I started a photography group here in Albany, NY called the Capital Region Photography Meetup Group.  To date, we have had some great Meetups, and have had two gallery exhibits.  My goal with the group is to help others learn more about their passion for photography and learn more about my passion in the process.

Throughout my blogs, I hope to share with you pictures of how I see the outside world.  I will also try to relay links that I find and the people that are responsible for them.  I am also open for challenges.  I am trying to take a different approach to my photography this year.  Perhaps a little more outside the box.  I love shooting, but I am tired of shooting the same things over and over again.  My hope is to learn how to shoot outside of my comfort zone.

So, welcome to my attempt at a blog.  I hope to start off with a weekly blog and if I can stay focused, I can share my love for photography with you.  Enjoy!