What about you?  I’d really love to know my followers.

-What type of photography do you like?

-What photography topics would you like to read about?

-What type of camera do you shoot with?

-What is your skill level?

-How often do you shoot?

-Do you use post processing software, such as Photoshop?

I will answer those questions as well.  I love shooting waterfalls, cars and panoramas.  I shoot with a Nikon D70.  Skill level – I would say mid level intermediate.  I am constantly finding new techniques and things to improve my photography.  During the summer months I shoot at least a few times a month.  In the Winter, hardly at all.  It’s cold here in the Northeast.  I use Photoshop CS3 for post processing.  If you use Photoshop, make sure you get the Topaz Photoshop Plug-Ins.   These plug-ins are amazing.  And they’ll even let you try a fully functional version of their software for 30 days for free.  Check it out.  Here is a picture before and after the Topaz Plug-In.

No Topaz

No Topaz



Now, tell me about you…If you’re not into photography, that is fine.  Tell me about what you do like.  I would love to get to know my readers.  Oh, and feel free to subscribe to my blog.