I love playing in the basement with the studio lights.  Every now and then, I find something that the creative juices tell me to shoot down there.  Most of the time, it is flowers or a small item around the house.  It keeps me busy and motivated when the weather isn’t great outside.

I was out cutting the grass one day, and I saw these bright yellow flowers as I was finishing up the backyard.  I thought to myself that they would make for great pictures.  So, when I was done cutting the grass, I went back and grabbed them.  I took them into the basement and got to work.  I have a 5’x7′ reversible background down there.  One side is lime green (green screen) and the other side is a dark blue.  It makes for a great contrast against the yellow of these flowers.

So, I took the pictures using my DynaTran softboxes that I got a few years ago from Amvona.  They are great for studio shots.  For a few of the shots, I used a piece of black cloth we picked up at a craft store for a black background.  Here’s what I cam up with.  What do you think?