Last week, I had an unexpected trip out of town.  While I was gone, I had little computer access, so I wasn’t able to keep up on my blog.  It was both gut-wrenching and a blessing.  It really made me realize how much time I actually spend in front of this computer.  I will now start to monitor and limit excessive computer use going forward.  I am missing so much by sitting here all day and night.  It is great keeping in touch with everyone, but I am spending time above and beyond normal socialization time here.

While I was gone, I got a surprise delivery.  Over the past few weeks of blogging, I decided that I wanted to do some product review blogs.  I contacted a few companies that cater to photography via email and asked for information on reviewing their products.  While some wanted more blog hits, one company said yes.  That company is LowePro.  They make some really great camera bags.  They sent me their LowePro Pro Trekker 450 AW bag to test.

Over the next few weeks, I will transfer my photography equipment from my current camera bag (LowePro Mini Trekker) into the new bag and see how it works.  It is almost twice the size as my current bag, but that is only to accommodate my 17 inch HP laptop.  I asked specifically for the laptop/camera bag because I hate carrying a laptop bag and a camera bag.  This bag is also set up to handle two dSLRs with lenses and a ton of extra lenses or gear.  It has numerous spots to attach a tripod or monopod.  There is also a pouch at the bottom that houses a rain cover in case of a surprise storm.  I can’t wait to start trying it out.

Photo courtesy of LowePro

Photo courtesy of LowePro

I missed you all in my absence.  What have you been up to?  Anything new and exciting in your life?