Last night, our meetup group, No Destinations, meets for our last ‘winter’ meeting before we start riding again.  Every Wednesday night during the warmer months, we meet at The Mill on Round Lake around 6pm.  At 6:30, it’s kickstands up and we are off to a certain ‘undisclosed location’ to hang out and chat for a bit before returning to The Mill and having some food and good conversation.

The name ‘No Destination’ came about because most nights the location is kept secret as a surprise and we don’t find out until we get there.  Only a certain few that are leading and blocking know the route and location.  The phrase ‘where the hell are we going?’ came about because every Wednesday night, people would ask that question while waiting to leave.  “We’re going for a ride” is the most common reply.

This group of riders is a bunch of the most laid back, friendly people I have ever met.  We always have a good time, and everyone gets along very well.  It is a mix of all ages and motorcycle types.  There are sport bikes, Harleys, and even a BMW with a sidecar.  It is a great time.  I can’t wait for our rides to start up again.

See ya soon!