…are burning out of my head.  It’s a little after 2am and I am still up and fooling around with my computer.  After almost 2 months, I have my computer back.  The problem turned out to be the hard drive.  The computer would not restart or even re-install Windows before.  I replaced the hard drive and realized that I don’t have a Windows Vista disc to install the program on my computer because it came pre-installed on the computer when I got it.  So, I found a Dell Windows XP disc and got it to work.

I finally got Windows XP installed on the computer and my internet wouldn’t work.  I had to go to HP’s website and download all the drivers and software for the necessary HP functions to work.  It worked out, and I am now connected to the net.  I am not really happy about going back to XP, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

So, does anyone out there have a Windows Vista install CD?  I have my own Product Key that came with this computer, so it’s totally legit.  Would even take a Windows 7 install CD if you had one kicking around and an extra license.  Just sayin….

I am going to bed now.  My eyes are crossing…See ya soon!