Yesterday, a few of the members of the Capital Region Photography Group got together to learn how to shoot models.  One of our members set up the shoot with the model, and had us meet him so we could learn how to shoot with just the camera, a light stand and an external flash on the light stand.  That’s it!  It was awesome!

The point of the lesson was that you don’t need to lug all these lights, reflectors and fancy equipment to the location when shooting.  A properly placed flash off the camera will do just fine.  I really enjoyed this lesson, and can’t wait to try it again.  John really put a lot of work into this Meetup and I really appreciate it.  Our model was fantastic to work with, especially with ten photographers all fighting for her attention at the same time.

It’s almost 1am, so I am going to make this one a short one. We have to run our pictures by the model and get her OK to use them on the web, so I will publish a few when she says it is OK.  See ya soon!