Last night I wrote about a model shoot the we went to as a photo group.  I didn’t have a chance to put some of the pictures up last night as I had to finish editing them and wait for the model’s approval.  Well, she has approved some of them and I can now share them with you.  Before I do, I wanted to tell you more about the shoot.

Amanda came out to Hudson, NY be our model.  She is 20 years old and a college student.  I was told that she was Miss Teen Vermont (or something to that effect) but I can’t remember her title exactly.  I am glad I got the photos done quickly, as she is leaving in a few days to go to Africa to help teach.  Sounds like a lot of fun!  Her sister is also a model and has volunteered to sit for another one of our photo shoots.

This picture made me realize just how easy a little different hair style can make someone look totally different.

I really like the way this shot came out.

This one is one was a great goofin’ around shot

So, what do you think?  How did I do for my first model shoot?  If you want to see more please check out my Flickr photostream.  See ya soon!