Category: Outer Banks

In the Summer of 2006, Rose and I went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Even though I grew up three or four hours from the Outer Banks, I had never been, but had always wanted to go.  We set off to see my family back in Virginia, and then on to the Outer Banks a few days later.  One of the main things we wanted to see were the lighthouses.  To our surprise, there are quite a few lighthouses there.

One of our favorite things about lighthouses is being able to climb them and take in the amazing views.  The hike to the top might get you a little winded, but the views make it well worth the torture!  Looking out over the coast makes you wonder about the men and women that kept the lighthouses running before there was electricity.  I can only imagine the monotonous climbs up and down those stairs on a daily basis to keep the light lit.

Most of the lighthouses I have been to have had a Keeper’s Quarters where the lighthouse keeper would stay so they were close to the lighthouse to maintain and keep the light on.  Most lighthouses have since been replaced with electronic navigation devices because of high maintenance costs.  A lot of the lighthouses have been sold to private parties.

We had a great trip, and would love to go back and see more of the Outer Banks sometime.  I have a ton more pictures from our trip, so I will post more in another blog someday.  If you’ve never been, please go and check it out.  I found a few pictures I took of the lighthouses we visited in the Outer Banks.  In no particular order, here they are…

See ya soon!