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A few nights ago, the TCRPMG members had a model shoot in Hudson, NY.  As we were shooting, my eye wandered up an enormous flag pole to see the flag among this gorgeous blue sky.  I couldn’t help but shoot it.  It was so gorgeous.

You see, ever since I was a kid, I have been in love with the flag that represents this great country of ours.  I always try to get good shots of it to share.  That flag represents our freedom.  That flag represents those risking their lives so we may keep our freedom.  Many have given their lives for us. Unfortunately, a lot of people take that freedom for granted.

Kristi was tweeting and talking on Facebook the other day about people that wouldn’t stop talking during the National Anthem.  It made me pretty mad.  I have noticed that people have become incredibly rude and just don’t care anymore.  And it’s not only during the National Anthem.  There have been a few instances where I was probably sitting in my chair with my mouth wide open, amazed at how rude people are.

My cousin’s wedding was a great example.  My cousin and his wife were at the altar and the priest was doing conducting the ceremony.  There was a crowd of people in the back of the room that were carrying on a loud conversation.  I was getting pretty angry.  They were disrupting the service and didn’t even care.

Last week, at Baseball and Bloggers, the panel was speaking and the people in the back of the room were so loud I could barely hear the speakers.  It baffles me that this is becoming so common.  Why would you go to an event and ignore the lecture just to chat with your friends?  Pick up the phone and call them.  Go to a bar.

I know that I have no control over the way people act in public.  I am just saddened by the lack of respect that seems to have become OK in society.  What happened?  I can only assume it’s because parents can’t (or wont) discipline their kids anymore.  The world is going to be a very scary place in another twenty years.

Now that my whining is over, I want to add one more thing.  Find a Vietnam Veteran, an Iraq Veteran or a current military member and thank them for protecting this great country of ours.  It’s because of them that we have the freedom we have.  And don’t forget all of those that have lost their life fighting for us and those that are POW-MIA.

See ya soon.

People ask me from time to time how I keep such a positive, happy attitude.  I like to tell them that no matter how bad things get, someone else always has it much worse.  I am fortunate to wake up every day with a great family, a gorgeous girlfriend, my health and a motorcycle.  How could you not smile on a motorcycle?

But, I do have days where I am in a really bad mood, or even a funk and there’s one sure fire way to get me out of it – Music.  All I have to do is grab the iPod and pick something out and start listening.   Certain music will instantly put a smile on my face.  It really depends on what type of mood I am in to determine which type of music I need to perk me up.

I like to listen to a lot of different types of music, so I have a ton of music in my iPod Photo I bought in 2004 or 2005.  I still have the old school iPod.  It’s huge, but it still works like new.  About an inch thick, and 60GB worth of space on it.  I put about 4,000 songs on it, so I am not very limited in genres.  I am not a fan of country though.  I hear it’s getting a little more pop-like, but it’s just not my bag, baby.

So, as I was sitting here trying to figure out what to do my blog on, I went looking for some old CDs with old pictures stored on them.  I found an old 50 CD spindle crammed with a ton of CDs that was stored in a tote in the basement.  I was hoping it had the pictures I was looking for on a CD in it, but it didn’t.  There were a ton of burned music CDs and a few actual music CDs in there.  Jackpot!

I think that everyone has that ‘era’ of music that they love.  Well, maybe just old farts.  I am very partial to 90s hip-hop.  It’s my guilty pleasure.   I grew up in Virginia and it was the most popular among the people I grew up with.  I think it was a great time for the genre.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge rock and metal lover, too.  I love old school Metallica (pre-St. Anger) and Rage Against the Machine is one of my favorite bands.  And, much to Kevin Marshall’s chagrin, I love Nickelback.  I’ve seen them in concert three times and they put on an amazing show.

Now, it’s your turn.  Tell me what can put a smile on your face when you’re in a funk.  Music?  Friends?  Shopping?  Alcohol?  Do you have a musical ‘era’?  What type of music do you like?

See ya soon!

A few years ago, I met Rose’s cousin Tom when we went down to visit him at his home in Honesdale, PA.  I had never heard of Honesdale, but it was somewhere I had never been, so I was happy to go and check it out.  Honesdale is about 3-3 1/2 hours from here in the Northeast corner of Pennsylvania.  It is a relatively small town of around 5,000 people.  Honesdale is a very quaint town.  I would equate it to a country type setting like Voorheesville or Altamont, except it’s a little bigger and they have a Walmart.

While we were there, I was able to take some shots around Tom’s house up in the rural area and also down in the more populated area of Honesdale. These shots were taken right in his yard.  You can see the natural beauty of the country in them.

The fountain in the front yard

Some flowers in the yard

A dying rose

There was a nice small set of falls there called Carley Brook Falls that I really enjoyed shooting.  They were flowing pretty well that day, and also made for a great subject to shoot.

Carley Brook Falls

As I mentioned in the title, it is a small world.  Months later, I was in my favorite photo forum, Movie Photo Forums, and I met Erin and she had Northeast PA in her signature line.  So, I asked what part of PA she was from and she said Honesdale.  What?  Seriously?  Get the heck out of here!  I mentioned that Rose had a cousin there, thinking she might not know him, and as a matter of fact she did.  She not only knew him, but met up with him almost every Tuesday night as she is a part of the same Harley Owners Group he is, and they ride together.  That blew my mind!

I really hope to get back to Honesdale now that the weather is better in hopes of all of us riding together.  I think it would be a blast!

Have you had something like this happen to you?  Let’s hear about it!

A few days back, I wrote about ‘back home’ in Virginia.  I grew up on the Delmarva Peninsula in what the locals call the Eastern Shore of Viriginia, or ESVA for short.  I spent most of my childhood in a small town called Onancock in the county of Accomack.

I was born and raised there until I was 18 and moved to Massachusetts.  That’s another blog for another day.

The Eastern Shore is a very small quaint area, heavily reliant on the surrounding Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay.  Lots of friends, and even some family worked on the water to make a living.  The area is also very reliant on farming.  Quite a bit of the land there is farmland.  After being in such a populated area, it is strange to go back and see the miles and miles of wide open fields and wooded areas.

My title refers to a small island on the Eastern Shore called Assateague Island.  Assateague is where we always went as kids.  It was ‘the beach”.  as a child, I can remember 25 or 30 foot tall sand dunes with stairs over them to take you out to the warm sand of the beach.  Today, after many hurricanes and Nor’easters, you can sit in the parking lot and see right out to the ocean.  It is very sad to see this when I go back to visit.  I guess I am lucky to see anything at all, as they have to truck sand in every year to restore the parking lot and part of the beach, just to keep their main tourist attraction going.

On the island, there is a National Wildlife Refuge, and a lighthouse.  The refuge is home to many wild animals, and I try to get there and photograph them every time I am in the area.  The biggest draw are the wild ponies.  You may have heard of Misty – written by Marguerite Henry.   No relation to me, as far as I know.  Every year, they swim these wild ponies across the channel and auction them off at the “Pony Swim“.

Nursing Pony

Nursing Pony



The lighthouse has always been near to my heart.  You can see it coming from Chincoteague across to Assateague Island, and I have been to see it many times.  Growing up, you could walk the sandy trail to the lighthouse and take pictures.  However, you were not allowed to go inside the lighthouse.  Back in 2006, my girlfriend Rose and I were heading to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and made a pit stop on the “Shore” to visit.  Rose had never been, so I took her to Assateague to check it out.  We walked down the little sand covered path and were very surprised to see the lighthouse door open.  Cool, I thought.  Must be a gift shop.  Not only was it a gift shop, it was a tour that allowed you to climb the lighthouse.

Assateague Light

Assateague Light

Awesome!  Let’s do it!  We climbed to the top and got another pleasant surprise.  You could go up into the actual light  area of the lighthouse.  The view was amazing.  You could see all of Assateague and most of Chincoteague.

Round and Round We Go

Round and Round We Go

Inside the Light Area

Inside the Light Area

Me Inside the Light Area - Photo by Rose Winters

Me Inside the Light Area - Photo by Rose Winters

We have been back a few times since then, but you aren’t allowed to go into the light area anymore.  Someone purchased the lighthouse and fixed the catwalk area on the outside.  Now you can go outside the lighthouse up top and walk around, just below the light.  Again, a stunning 360 degree view around the lighthouse.

So, if you’ve never been, it’s definitely a great place to visit.  If you’ve been, or live there, let me know.

See you soon...

See you soon...