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A few ducks were cooling off in the motel pool at last year's Americade.

A little humor

I have been sitting here for a while tonight trying to decide what I want to blog about and something funny happened.  I was going through my archives of photos and I found a few pictures I took of some ducks.  Normally, I wouldn’t think anything funny about them, but tonight, as I looked at them side by side, my twisted sense of humor took over.  You may or may not find this humorous, but I got a chuckle out of it.

On a side note, as I am writing this, all I can think about it Lynyrd Skynyrd’s song ‘That Smell’.  Now it’s stuck in my head!  Hope it’s stuck in yours too!  Do you have another funny scenario?  Share it with me!  See ya soon!

Just ducky!

Last Spring, I took a trip to Buckingham Lake on Berkshire Blvd in Albany.  It was a warm but breezy day, and I was anxious to see what wildlife I could find there.  It turned out to be a great day for shooting the wildlife, with the camera, of course.

There were tons of baby ducks swimming around the lake that day.  It was a perfect day to get some ‘family shots’.  The baby ducks would follow the mothers around and never really strayed.  Here are some of the shots I got that day.  Enjoy!

The babies…

The ever-watchful mother…

A calming reflection…

A Mallard lounges on the shore…

Looks like this egg was someone’s lunch…

A chick up close…

So, no matter what happens today, just let it roll off your back and have a great day!  See ya soon!

On more than a few occasions, I have mentioned Assateague in my blog.  I have also mentioned that I grew up close to the area and really miss it.  Last week, I got a chance to head to Virginia, and while I was there, I drove over to Assateague to shoot some of the wildlife.  What I saw there was pretty scary.  A winter storm had caused some serious damage to the beach and the wildlife refuge surrounding it.  Trees were down all over the place.  Sand was blown from the beach all the way out to the toll booths some half a mile or more away.

The beach was almost gone.  The roads that usually branch off to the parking area were roped off and giant dump trucks were working feverishly to replace the sand that had been blown or washed away from the beach.  I have never seen it this bad in all my years going there.  Even the day I was there it was very windy.

While I was there I took a few shots of the wildlife.  It is my favorite part of visiting Assateague.  The wild ponies are almost always around, and this time was no different.  There were quite a few out in the pasture.  There are also always some great birds there.  Herons, egrets, ducks, geese and many others.  It is a photographer’s dream.  Here are some shots that I got that day…

Wild ponies and some downed trees

Wild ponies and some downed trees

He took off just as I was trying to get the shot

He took off just as I was trying to get the shot

Soaring away

Soaring away

Hiding from me

Hiding from me

Where is your favorite place to visit?  One that stands out in your mind…

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