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A friend was asking me recently about home improvements.  They wanted to know what to look for in a contractor.  This friend needs a roof and siding replaced.

I offered to write to you all and ask questions, hoping some of you could offer some good advice.  This will be the first time this friend is having some work done on their home, so they want to be sure they don’t get ripped off or get someone who takes the money and runs.  I sat down and wrote out some questions that I thought were valid, and maybe you can add more or answer the ones I have here.

How does he know they have insurance and it is valid? – Anyone can ‘say’ they have insurance, but how does he know if they really do?  Is it OK to call their insurance company and ask if it is still in good standing?  Is there a privacy act that will not allow the insurance company to disclose information to someone other than the policy holder?

References – Most say they will provide references, but how does he know if they are legit?  The reason I ask this is because if someone called me asking about someone’s work, I might think it’s a scam and not talk to them.  It’s kinda weird, ya know?  I can see how it would be very easy to make up a list of names and say you did work for them.

Red flags – What should pop up a red flag?  Things that will appear, but not be kosher?

Maintenance/Warranty – What if there is a problem down the road?  How will he know that they will come back and take care of it?

Thanks for the info.  We really appreciate it.  See ya soon!