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Well, obviously you can read, or you wouldn’t be here reading this.  I guess what I am really asking is Can you make time to read? A book that is.

You see, I haven’t sat down and read a book in a few years.  Yes, it’s true.  Flame away.   I guess I just get too wrapped up in the internet to take the time and get into a book.  I have the best of intentions to read, but I can’t seem to put the computer down long enough to get into the book.

A week or so ago, I was at the library with Rose and I saw a book that sparked my interest.  It was in large print, so I figured I would give it a shot and see if the larger print would help me get into it a little more.  (Insert old fart joke here!)  My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, so I figured it couldn’t hurt.

What types of books do I like to read you ask?  Glad you asked!  I really enjoy the military/political thriller fiction type books.  One of my favorite authors is Dale Brown.  He has a great series about super high tech future stealth planes called Dreamland.  He was helped out by Jim DeFelice for quite a few of those books, and when I read some of them a few years ago, I couldn’t put them down.  I am currently reading Dale Brown’s “Strike Force”.

Along the same lines as Dale Brown, W. E. B. Griffin and Tom Clancy write great books that are very interesting to me.  I guess it’s just the military angle that really grabs me.  I have always been fascinated with jets and submarines, so it’s no surprise that these books appeal to me.

I also really enjoyed Hunter S. Thompson’sHell’s Angels“.  From a motorcycle junkie’s point of view, it was a great first-hand look inside the life of an outlaw biker gang.  William Queen’s “Under and Alone“.  Queen wrote about his time as an undercover agent infiltrating the Hell’s Angels.  Both books were great reads.  I really enjoyed them.

What type of books do you like to read?  Favorite author? Fiction?  Non-Fiction?

My eyes, my eyes!

…are burning out of my head.  It’s a little after 2am and I am still up and fooling around with my computer.  After almost 2 months, I have my computer back.  The problem turned out to be the hard drive.  The computer would not restart or even re-install Windows before.  I replaced the hard drive and realized that I don’t have a Windows Vista disc to install the program on my computer because it came pre-installed on the computer when I got it.  So, I found a Dell Windows XP disc and got it to work.

I finally got Windows XP installed on the computer and my internet wouldn’t work.  I had to go to HP’s website and download all the drivers and software for the necessary HP functions to work.  It worked out, and I am now connected to the net.  I am not really happy about going back to XP, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

So, does anyone out there have a Windows Vista install CD?  I have my own Product Key that came with this computer, so it’s totally legit.  Would even take a Windows 7 install CD if you had one kicking around and an extra license.  Just sayin….

I am going to bed now.  My eyes are crossing…See ya soon!