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Last night, Rose and I attended the Times Union Baseball and Bloggers event at the  Dale Miller Restaurant in downtown Albany. The event was put on by Mike Huber, the Interactive Audience Manager for the Blogs portion of the site.  Mark McGuire was the MC for the night. Mark is a sports columnist and also blogs for the Times Union.  In the first two hot seats were Jordan Carleo-Evangelist and Chris Churchill.  They both root for different teams, but it seems they put aside their differences when they write.  Jennifer Gish was the third member in the hot seat.  She is a newcomer to baseball, and admitted that she grew up watching football.  I got a laugh when she said they should just get rid of the (Pittsburgh) Pirates.

Personally, I am not a sports fan in the least.  I don’t know much about baseball or any other sport, but I did want to attend to see what it was all about.  Just like the Media 2010: How blogs shape the new conversation blogging event a few months ago, I really enjoyed being a part of this event.  It was fun, informative and great for networking with other bloggers.

Jordan and Chris exchanged a witty banter and had me laughing quite a bit.  Even though I don’t know much about sports, I did enjoy listening to them interact with the audience.  The audience did a great job of participating as well.  Unfortunately, the game was delayed due to rain and the guys stretched it out as long as they could, but had to release us to mingle as the delay was going to be another 40 minutes or so.

Mike did an awesome job of organizing this event.  Dale Miller Restaurant is a beautiful place.  We were on the 13th floor (or P1 as the elevator displayed).  The view of the city was quite incredible from there.  I am glad it rained, because I would have been upset to have that gorgeous outdoor patio with 360 degree views of downtown and not have my camera with me.  If anyone from Dale Miller reads this, I would love to have the opportunity to do some photography from that patio.  The shots I could get from there would be amazing!  End of shameless begging…

I had the opportunity to meet some Twitter friends and writers of blogs I read frequently while I was there.  I finally got to meet Amanda Talar, who may or may not know how to flirt, but she likes motorcycles.  That is OK in my book!  Kari VanAlstyne was there, and so was local self-proclaimed sex symbol Kevin Marshall.  I also met Mike Keane and got to chat him up about jobs and blogs.  At some point he realized that I lost my mouth filter a while ago and I just let things fly.  It catches people off guard sometimes.  They see me dressed in Brooks Brothers slacks and a nice button down shirt,  so they don’t necessarily know that I am a heavily tattooed biker.  I love it.

Oh, and if anyone sees the nice lady that was taking pictures of the guests at the party, please send her my apologies.  I can be a bit of a wiseass.  She came up to us at the beginning of the event and asked if she could take our picture.  I said, “No, you can’t take my picture.  I am anonymous.”  I was totally kidding, and she never took my picture.  Oops.  It is a bit of an inside joke.  As a photographer I hate having my picture taken.  Ironic, isn’t it?  So, in most online sources, you wont see a picture of me.  I will post a picture of my reflection in the chrome of my Harley, or wearing a helmet, but you’ll rarely see my face.  Trust me, I’m doing you a favor.

I really think that a motorcycle blog should be a part of the Times Union Blog section.  I would be happy to contribute with perhaps a few other bloggers sharing the blog.  Have your people call my people and they can do lunch together!

See ya soon!

So you think you can blog?

Last night, I attended the Times Union’s “Media 2010: How Blogs Shape The New Conversation” at the St. Rose campus in Albany.  This was the first time the Times Union had held this type of event, and I think it went very well.  A few of their top bloggers were tapped to explain how blogging works, how to build a following, and the influence it has on the public.

A few points that I remember off the top of my head are the following;

  • 1/3 of readers only read the paper
  • 1/3 of readers only read online
  • 1/3 of readers read blogs and the paper
  • The TU blogs have an average of about 1,300 comments  day
  • There are currently 155 blogs on the TU site

There were  few more points, but I did not write them down.  One thing that really bothered me that they touched on was anonymity.  Someone spoke about allowing anonymous commenters to say whatever they want.   I think this is a horrible idea.  Anyone can talk trash hiding behind their keyboard and not have to suffer and consequences.  I think it is a cowardly way to act.  They should require every commenter to use a name.  Granted, people could still make up a fake name, but they can do an IP trace and figure out if it is the same person using a different name each time.  Think about it.

Another key point they touched on at the event was to make sure you drive traffic to your site using Twitter and Facebook.  Commenting on other blogs is also another way to get people to your blog.  Networking at events is a good way to get people to your blog as well.  Keep a business card with your name, email, Twitter handle and blog address on it and give it to people you meet.  It can be a valuable tool, not only for driving people to your blog, but also for making a possible future business or personal contact.

I would like to thank Michael Huber and the Times Union for hosting this event last night.  I feel that  it was very informative, as well an excellent networking event.  While I was there, I met a few new people and some people I knew from Twitter, but hadn’t met in person yet.  There are a few that were there that I didn’t get to meet and wish I had.  Here are a few people that I met and their name and the name of the blog they write;

Please be sure to check out their blogs and leave them some comments.  There are some really great blogs on the Times Union web site.  Before I wrap this up, I wanted to ask you a question.  If you were to start a blog, what would you write about?  If you do have a blog, what is it about?

*Edit –  I wanted to add that we got to spend some time with Kevin Marshall last night.  Not only is he extremely straightforward and blunt, he is also a writer, actor and self-proclaimed ‘sex symbol’ in the Albany area.  I have also heard that he is the Lt. Governor.  I can neither confirm nor deny that last statement.

**My Twitter handle is @tcrpmg***