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Yesterday, I got the July issue of Motor Trend in the mail.  As I look at the cover, a topic pops into my head…

Did they run out of ideas for new muscle cars  and have to re-make the muscle cars of years past?  Is it a nostalgia thing, or are they just not coming up with new styles that the gearheads will like?  It seems like every couple issues, they test the same models.

Chevy made a new version of the late 60s Camaro.  I like that it looks quite a bit like (what I consider their best body style) the ’68 Camaro.  What I don’t like is that it looks a little ‘small’.  It doesn’t seem as beefy as the old Camaros.  I did not care for the Camaro after the late ’60s.  The new ones are the first I kind of like since then.

Ford did the same thing with the Mustang.  After the movie Gone in 60 Seconds, the love affair with the old ’67 Shelby GT500 was re-ignited.  Ford jumped on it and tried to make a modern day version of a breathtakingly beautiful car.  In my opinion, they failed horribly.  I was never a Mustang fan before I saw the movie, and I still am not.  I do, however, really like the ’67 Shelby GT500.  There are a lot of kit cars running around now replicating “Eleanor“.  The new Mustangs just don’t have a good look like the old ones did.

Another car that has been reincarnated is the Dodge Challenger.  I like the look of this car quite a bit.  I think Dodge did a great job at replicating the car and keeping it proportionate to it’s predecessor.  I wish they had done the same thing with the Charger.  I am a huge “Dukes of Hazzard” fan and love that orange car with the 01 on the side of it.  What did they come out with?  Some big, ugly, four door tank.  Fail.

Everyone has a favorite muscle car, like the Chevelle, Charger or the GTO.  Does that mean that we can expect to see these cars again in the future?  Are they going to bring back the Gremlin, or the Pacer?  Why can’t they come up with new cars that appeal to the gearheads?  Or is the Prowler a sign of what happens when they try that?  What car would you like to see redone?


Now that we’ve rounded the corner, and Spring is well on it’s way, I thought I would try to put some positive weather vibes out there.  No matter how Punxsatwney Phil appears, he always seems to “predict” six more weeks of crap weather.  I think it’s a big sham personally.  You see, it’s Winter.  In Winter, we have Winter weather.  That’s what makes it Winter.  But I digress…

In late April or early May ever year, the Dutchess County Fairgrounds host the Rhinebeck Car Show.  The show draws people from all around to display and view some of the most amazing classic cars I have ever seen.  According to the show’s web site, they attract between 800 and 1200 classic cars over the weekend.  It is pretty impressive to see all of those cars in one spot.

It was pretty gloomy the day I went last year, but I managed to see some cars that were incredibly photogenic.  Most of these cars begged to be photographed.  It was like taking a walk back through time.  The fins, the long hoods, the huge motors.  It was incredible.  The smell of unrestricted exhaust was intoxicating.  Here are some pictures I took that day.

This one was my favorite of the show.  It was amazing.  Love the color and attention to detail.

I called this one Mint Condition

A rat rod

Look at the lines on this Vette!



Love the fins on the old Caddys!



Mustang GT 350

GT 350

GT 350

An old Merc’!

Lead Sled

Lead sled

Love the old Woody!



A special treat – A Spyker C8!

Spyker C8

Spyker C8

If you’ve never been, I highly recommend checking it out.  There are some amazing cars there and each one has a story. What’s your favorite car?  Do you have one of these beauties.  Have you been to the show?

See you soon!