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For the last few days, the weather has been pretty cool and rainy.  That’s not helping the pool very much.  Over the last few weeks, it has been in the 80s and 90s outside, and the pool was around 76 degrees.  That’s not too bad when you consider that I had to backwash it a lot and had to keep adding cold hose water to fill it back up.

Yesterday when I checked the temperature in the pool, it was about 71 degrees.  I haven’t checked it today, but with the constant rain and temps around 58 degrees, I can only imagine what it is now.  I don’t think I want to look.

The pool is finally starting to clear up.  I figured it would take a little longer this year, as it wasn’t opened last year and there was a lot more to clean up.  It turned blue quickly, but it hasn’t cleared up the cloudiness quite yet.  I can see the shallow end bottom and halfway down to the deep end, so it wont be long now.

One good thing about the rain is that it is filling up the pool and I don’t have to run the hose into it and waste the water.  It’s also watering my garden.  Two birds, one stone I guess.

My question is this – Why did we get Summer weather in Spring, and now that Summer is about to begin, we are getting Spring weather?

Yesterday we went to Price Chopper to pick up a few things for dinner and while we were there, I started thinking about those summer foods that I love.  You know, the foods you don’t go out of your way to get most of the year, but during the warmer months, you really enjoy them.  My summer food today was strawberries.

We walked into Price Chopper and as soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have them.  It was at least 86 degrees here yesterday.  That’s what the car thermometer said anyway.  The ones at the house were aver 90.  For Upstate New York in the Spring, that is a little toasty.  I am not complaining ( a lot), I just wish we could ease into it.  One of the local weather channels posted a Tweet saying we had a run last week that was a perfect temperature range.  Tuesday was in the 40s followed by Wednesday in the 50s, Thursday was in the 60s, Friday was in the 70s and then Saturday and Sunday were in the 80s.  That is how it should be.  The only problem is that for the beginning of the week, it was in the 30s and windy as hell overnight.

Ok, back on topic…I was looking for a snack tonight, when all of a sudden I remembered the strawberries were in the fridge.  I washed them and cut them up in a bowl.  Next, I grabbed some sugar and sprinkled it over them to take the bite away.  It just so happened that I had a fresh bowl of Cool Whip sitting in the fridge and I covered the strawberries with it.  Delish!

So, what I’d like to know from you is this – What food do you consider a summer food? A few others that I like are (on rare occasion) tomatoes eaten like an apple with a salt shaker, peaches, plums and grapes.  I really like freezer pops too.

Something I don’t like that is considered summer food is watermelon.  Unless you cut a hole in the top of it and fill it with (Insert favorite alcohol here) and let it marinate for a few days.  On the rare occasion that I partake in that ritual, I like Parrot Bay Coconut Rum in it.  Mmmm…but I ain’t one to gossip, so you didn’t hear that from me!

Tell me what you like.  Don’t be shy!  See ya soon!

And by that time, I mean Spring time!  The sun is shining again and the trees are starting to sprout buds.  Rose and I rode the Harley down to her parents house in Rhinebeck for Easter dinner, and on the way down I saw a ton of brilliant yellow blooms.  There were also seedlings growing in her parent’s backyard.  The birds are chirping in the mornings and insects are starting to come back around.  Here is a dragonfly I found one Spring trying to blend in with a stick.

Spring coming around is a huge relief to me.  I am sure I have mentioned before that I go into a sort of (self-proclaimed) “photographic depression” after the leaves fall off the trees and Winter rolls around.  It’s not until those first blooms of Spring that I get the urge to shoot again.  Seeing those first flowers and buds just starts to inspire me.  Here’s a shot I took last year as the flowers were just starting to grow.

But, here’s the problem – now that the weather is getting better, I get torn on what I’d rather do, go riding or go shooting.  Tough decision to make for me.  Between Thursday and Sunday, I put about 150 miles a day on the bike.  It’s been five months, so it was way overdue.  Now, I am ready to do some shooting.  I want to gather locations in the area that I haven’t shot before.  I’ve done Washington Park and Tulip fest a million times.  Been to Plotter Kill falls and Ka’aterskill falls is a favorite of mine.

What I am looking for are places that I can take my photography group, The Capital Region Photography Meetup Group, and have interesting subjects for them to shoot.  I would love suggestions in the Albany, NY area.  I don’t mind traveling, but would like to keep it within an hour or so of Albany because members will need to travel and carpool.  I appreciate any suggestions you can give me.  Thanks in advance!

See ya soon…

With the warmer temperatures we have been having lately, I am getting pretty excited for spring.  I mentioned before about how I fall into a rut with my photography during the late fall and early winter months.  I barely do any shooting for four or five months.  That’s all about to change very soon!

It’s been starting to warm up lately, and the snow is melting.  As I was going through some of my pictures, I found the ones I am going to use today that I took last  spring as one of the trees in the back yard was beginning to bloom.  It is such a beautiful time of year.  It makes me happy and motivates me to get the camera out again.

I am also adding a flower picture that I took last year.  Can you identify the flower?

My Harley

My Harley

Yesterday, this large bright thing appeared in the sky.  What was it you ask?  Well, it was the sun.  I sort of forgot what it looked like.  It’s been so gloomy for so long that I almost didn’t remember that warmth and the happiness that comes with it.  It’s like a natural high.

I was milling around the house for a bit and then I decided to go fire up the bikes to make sure the batteries had lasted through the winter.  I keep them on Battery Tenders that keep them on a trickle charge, but sometimes they still fail.  I moved everything out of the way and rolled them out of the garage and fired each one up.  They both started with no problem.  I let them run for a little bit to make sure everything seemed OK.  I was about to put them away, when I decided to take the Harley out for a spin.

I grabbed my helmet, gloves and jacket and off I went.  What a rush.  It’s like a little dose of therapy.  The sounds of the engine and the freedom of riding with no windows or doors is amazing.  There isn’t much that tops that feeling.  I only took a short ride, as there is still way too much salt and gravel on the roads, so riding isn’t all that safe.  Soon enough, it will be spring and much more riding will be done.  Until then…